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Firewood Art ?

If you are bored and want to imprees everyone, try some artistic firewood stacking!


When a tree dies around your home, there is no better time to remove it than as soon as possible.

View Enhancement

Why settle for anything less than a $$ Million Dollar View?

Dead Tree Felling

If there is room to safely fall a tree instead of climbing and taking it down in sections, it can be a lot more cost effective!

Homeowner Project

If the end results are not what you hoped for, give us a call !

New Tracked Lift!

Our new CMC83 HD Arbor pro tracked lift will allow us to acces areas that were impossible with our bucket truck.

Darwin Award Candidates ?

Sometimes a man just needs to know his limitations. Another example of a homeowner who is getting way over his head!


Years of experience has refined our work expertise in allowing us to work in tight areas that might seem almost impossible.

Just the job for a crane

Sometimes the job is a little too big for a few tree climbers and a bucket truck. Northwest Tree Service has extensive experience with crane based operations.

NW Tree Service does storm cleanup

The Pacific Northwest is notorious for downed trees after every windstorm.